Montréal, Canada


Welcome to The Hive

We are a trio of spirited photographers that strive to document faithfully your most important milestones.

We believe it is important to capture moments that will make you relive the excitement. The raw emotions will take you right back.

" They [my team] captured every moment that I hoped for and surprised me with many more moments that never would have struck me as beautiful or significant. They turned my day into a masterpiece. When I first saw the pictures and video I felt they captured my day so perfectly and honestly (...). "

- Michelle & Michael, newly weds


Our Team



My passion for photography was born of the desire to crystallize memories to better share them.  I love the feeling of surprising my entourage with beautiful photographs of unexpected moments. Wedding photography is a way for me to share this feeling with a broader audience!



I take pictures to document my life, from the mundane to the extraordinary – your wedding being part of the latter!

I love photography for what it says about us. We all tend to connect to images in our own way, and wedding photography has that unique potential to elicit all kinds of emotions from different people. These precious moments are what we try to capture.



I have loved capturing photos and videos ever since I've had my first camera as a child. 

My work can be described as clean and subtle, depicting life as cinematic stills. The little details and raw emotions in a wedding are worth treasuring through story telling.